Build authority and sell like hellll

Transform conversations (podcasts) into gold. Content that connects, audience
that engages and pay higher for your product or services.


Play Video

Short video for Reels (35k views)

1.5 million views (Long form Content)

Play Video

YouTube shorts (6.9k views) 

How it works

As simple as cooking and eating your favorite breakfast.

1-3 hour of recording

a week turns into...

A podcast

featured on top streaming platforms on the web...

Repurposed into

2 YouTube videos, 20 shorts for Instagram & TikTok, Shorts, 10-15 content pieces for LinkedIn and Twitter, plus 1-2 SEO optimized blogs.

A few more content pieces

A long podcast made into shorts

A long form video converted into reels

A long form video for YouTube

A Whole New Content Approach

Sit relax, focus on your main business, give only 1-3 hours a week, and build authority in your niche

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Pieces of content
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Less spend on paid media
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why podcast

Why Does Building Authority Matter?

Building authority is the key to unlocking trust, loyalty, and lasting success, and of course sales.

Redue CAC

Increase inbound leads and reduce customer acquisition cost.

Charge premium

Consumers are willing to pay more for impact driven products from credible brands.

Reach Wider Audience

Save tons of money on hiring sales rep, cold outreach and reach wider audience easily.

Secure partnerships and investments

Collaborations with investors, influencers and hiring talent become easier.



What Our Client’s Say

Hear directly from our impact driven entrepreneurs about their experiences 
and the impact of our services on their business.

Vivek Rajalingam

We're are a VC funded startup and we wanted to make the professional website and create content for our premium catering startup. Boring Monkee made it easy for us by designing a premium website and managed our entire marketing.


Vishal and his team are content magicians! They took one piece of content and turned it into multiple formats, saving me tons of time and reaching new audiences across different channels. My reach skyrocketed, and I barely lifted a finger.

Customized PLANS for you

The best solutions for your content creation needs

Effortless content creation + strategic distribution = skyrocketing reach. That’s the magic of our AI-powered approach. Let us show you how it works.


Ideal for established podcasts that are already up and running


A podcast built from scratch for impact driven brands and VCs


Ideal for podcasts seeking a complete solution

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Discuss it with us.

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