How Vinyasa Earth Successfully hosted 2 power-packed events with the right marketing campaigns

In the vibrant city of Jaipur, India, Vinyasa Earth stands as a beacon of eco-friendly living, blending dance, art, and sustainable lifestyle under one roof. This success story unfolds through a partnership with Boring Monkee, focusing on transforming their digital presence and enhancing their outreach.

Revamping the website

During a personal exploration of Vinyasa Earth, our team at Boring Monkee identified opportunities to contribute to their mission. The initial focus was on their website, which underwent a stunning transformation to become more user-friendly, responsive, and dynamic. The revamped site allowed users to seamlessly book stays directly, fostering convenience for eco-conscious travelers.

Registering on Third-Party Sites

Expanding Vinyasa Earth’s reach beyond the website, we facilitated their presence on third-party booking platforms, including Paytm Insider,, and This strategic move opened doors for event bookings and stays, aligning with their goal of providing experiential sustainable living.

Zaria – A Night of Cultural Art

The highlight of Vinyasa Earth’s calendar is the Zaria event, a night-long celebration of art, culture, and artists. Leveraging Facebook ads, we successfully attracted attendees to book tickets, achieving an impressive 60% conversion from leads. The event welcomed 500 participants, with 40% attributed to the targeted Facebook ads.

Social Media Marketing

Beyond events, we revamped Vinyasa Earth’s social media presence, especially on Instagram. Through organic posting and content curation, we not only established a cohesive brand image but also increased the engagement rate by a remarkable 300%. The bio received a facelift, presenting a clear reflection of Vinyasa Earth’s ethos.

Promoting Earthbag House with Influencer Marketing 

Vinyasa Earth’s commitment extends beyond events. With a volunteer program focused on constructing earthbag houses, Boring Monkee initiated influencer marketing efforts, resulting in the selection of 15 dedicated individuals for the cause.

Email marketing for Ongoing Success

Even after the Zaria event concluded, the leads generated continued to be an invaluable asset. Leveraging these leads, we seamlessly transitioned into promoting subsequent events, combining email marketing with social media strategies and targeted Facebook ads. The approach proved fruitful, with a notable 4% conversion rate from email marketing.

As Vinyasa Earth continues to harmonize eco-friendly living with cultural celebrations, the success story unfolds with each event, leaving a lasting impact on both the local and global stage.


With Boring Monkee by their side, Vinyasa Earth’s journey unfolds, showcasing the transformative power of strategic marketing initiatives.

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