From 149 Followers to 3K in Less Than 30 Posts in 1.5 Months: My Roti Place Mississauga


Right here in Mississauga, My Roti Place is making waves with its authentic Indian dishes. Just a couple of months ago, they teamed up with Boring Monkee, a top digital marketing agency in Canada, to spice up their online game and bring more of India’s flavors to local tables. They owned one of the franchises of My Roti Place in Mississauga.

Marketing for Restaurant Success


My Roti Place Mississauga, a cool Indian eatery, joined hands with Boring Monkee to get noticed on Instagram. With a new spot opening in Mississauga, they wanted help reaching more hungry hearts around town.

Digging into the Details

Boring Monkee got busy, using Facebook ads, smart social media moves, and tweaking their Google My Business profile.

Growing on Instagram

When they started, My Roti Place had just 149 Instagram followers. But in just 1.5 months, thanks to Boring Monkee’s help, that number shot up to an amazing 3,000. It’s like turning up the volume on their social media vibe!

Facebook Ads: Cooking Up Success

Boring Monkee didn’t just stir any ads – they ran Facebook or Meta ads that really worked. The Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) hit a whopping 13 times, showing that the ads brought in lots more business.

Party Hall Spotlight

Besides promoting the restaurant, Boring Monkee zoomed in on My Roti Place’s party spot in Dundas. The ads did wonders, pulling in 524 leads in the first week alone. These were people keen on booking the party hall, and within 1.5 months, 20% of them booked the deal.

Continued Growth and Engagement

As the partnership between Boring Monkee and My Roti Place flourished, so did the restaurant’s online presence. With regular social media management, captivating content creation, and strategic ad placements, they continued to attract new customers while nurturing existing relationships. 

Their Instagram engagement rate soared by 300%, signaling a deep connection with their audience and a growing community of loyal patrons.


In just a short span of time, My Roti Place Mississauga has undergone a remarkable transformation, thanks to the innovative strategies and steady dedication of Boring Monkee. 

Through the power of digital marketing, they have not only expanded their reach but have also solidified their position as a culinary gem in the heart of Mississauga.

As businesses across industries navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape, the success story of My Roti Place serves as a proof to the transformative impact of strategic marketing initiatives. 

With Boring Monkee by their side, they continue to delight customers, grow their brand, and write the next chapter of their digital success story.

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